The Day The Music Lived

August 05, 2013

Certain years leap off the pages in history books— 1066, 1492, 1789.  And specific days, even more so: June, 6th 1944; November 22nd 1963; July, 4th 1776 (forgive me I’m American, though my Angophile cred, at least musically, should remain unquestioned). I guess my point is, these dates hold vast meaning, and in some cases, memories that are stuck in your mind forever.

So, as far as world-changing, age-defining, earth-shattering events go, it would be hard to beat July 6th, 1957. That was the day 16-year old John Lennon met 15-Year old Paul McCartney. I’ve always been intriqued by the “What ifs?” in life— the roads taken, and not. But what if Paul HADN’T shown up at St. Peter's Church in Woolton? Hadn’t seen John on stage? What if this monumental shift never happened?

Creating these designs is my way of shining a spotlight on this meeting of two amazing, musical minds whose names will forever be linked. I often wonder if, 100 years from now, some kid in a history or music class will be first turned on to The Beatles, much like Shakespeare is now required reading. Will his imagination be fired like mine was? Will he spread the word to his friends, turning THEM on to this "new" band he found that came a century before? 

In a PostFab world, there is no doubt in my mind.



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