DAY TRIPPER | the beatles are born

"It's a boy!" (band)

To us, July 6th, 1957 is a day that should be remembered, celebrated, shared and honored forever (preferably with 21-guitar salute). That was the day 16-year old John Lennon met 15-year old Paul McCartney. Though it may not have even registered as a small tremor at the time, it became the day The Beatles were born.

For much of the world, the date reads 6th July, 1957, so please head to the next section—Liverpool and beyond—to purchase fab tees with the Day/Month/Year configuration.

All shirts are printed to order. With the proper care, they should last much longer than Bieber's career.

MORE DAY TRIPPING | liverpool and beyond

Yes, July 6th, 1957 was the day The Beatles were born. But not all dates are created equal! At PostFab, we recognize that beyond the shores of the U.S., the  date of that fateful meeting could also read 6 / 7 / 57. So, I guess you can have it both ways.