Why PostFab?

For me, it all started with a date: July 6th 1957. An ordinary day in Liverpool. Except it wasn't. Because it turned out to be "the Big Bang". That was the day that when the talented, sarcastic and rock and roll loving, John Lennon met a younger, equally talented boy named Paul. Their lives changed forever that day—and a few years later, they changed the world forever. (And though I'm a writer, by trade, that statement isn't an outlandish exaggeration:)

They are known, loved, admired in nearly every corner of the world. They created genres, outraged parents, broke barriers. But mostly what they did was write some of the most brilliant and affecting music the world has known. And though they broke up over 40 years ago, they continue to entertain and inspire millions. New generations of Beatle fans are being born every day. They are Mozart. Shakespeare. Bogey and Bacall. They are forever. And that's what I wanted to celebrate when I created these original collections for PostFab.